Navtech GPS

Routing Choices: Navtech doesn’t just warn you, but will create a route to avoid: gps
Low bridges
Weight restrictions
Hazmat restrictions (9 different levels)
and these routing choices are customizable for any size/configuration truck, bus, RV

Also has:
Lane Assist
Junction View
Smart Search Technology to locate complicated or mis-specified addresses
Your speed and posted speed liimit display
Touch screen with 2D/3D display
12 million point of interest to locate truck stops, fuel stops, rest areas, CAT scales, weigh stations
Phone number/Address search
Ability to add your own waypoints
Bluetooth enabled
Movie, picture, and music player
FM transmitter plays directions through truck radio
Easy updating via internet or memory card
Traffic congestion & incident reporting (needs separate antenna)
Tire Pressure Monitoring (needs optional equipment)
Live Tracking (optional software)